Danielle Tripp Hannes, P.E.

Danielle Tripp Hannes, P.E. is a Colorado-registered professional engineer with over 15 years of experience in civil engineering, primarily in water resources. Ms. Hannes’ work includes dam hazard classification assessments; flood inundation mapping; Emergency Action Plan (EAP) development and testing; dam inspections; dam safety instrumentation review and reporting; construction inspection; dam design, including specification and drawing development; construction cost estimations; screening level risk assessments; hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, design, and calculations; water rights assessments; and grant application development. She is very familiar with the Colorado Division of Water Resources (DWR) Rules and Regulations and the FERC Engineering Guidelines for the Evaluation of Hydropower Projects. She has significant experience in the FERC Part 12D inspection and reporting process and has prepared over 90 Dam Safety Surveillance and Monitoring Plans (DSSMPs) and Reports (DSSMRs). Ms. Hannes was the primary author for two Pre-Disaster Mitigation FEMA grant applications for high-hazard potential dams in Colorado; these applications resulted in $14 million in grant funds to complete dam rehabilitation projects.

Contact Danielle Tripp Hannes at danielle.hannes@wwwheeler.com