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dam design, construction administration by W. W. Wheeler & Associates

W. W. Wheeler & Associates provides complete life-cycle services for dams including feasibility designs and cost opinions, final designs, construction administration, inspections and field investigations, safety evaluations, risk assessments, training, and operations and maintenance assessments.  Our staff has prepared or evaluated more than 100 dam emergency action plans in 15 different states in the last 10 years.  We routinely perform risk valuations, flood inundation mapping and hazard analyses using either one-dimensional or two-dimensional models. We have also taught numerous dam operations and maintenance and emergency planning classes nationwide for a wide range of audiences.  A proven project management system is used for each assignment that allows us to customize a project team with the specialists needed to meet your specific project needs.


  • Dam Design and Construction
  • Spillways and Outlet Works
  • Hazard Classifications
  • Inflow Design Flood Hydrology
  • Dam Safety Evaluations
  • Dam Breach Inundation Maping
  • Dam Safety Training
  • Risk Assessments
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Construction Administration


Project Management Approach

  • Customized team to meet your project’s needs
  • Expert outside consultants for unique project challenges
  • Close communication with our clients
  • Budgets and schedules closely monitored throughout the project
  • Flexible project management approach adapts to changes in project requirements

Representative Projects

    Dam Design and Construction
    • Genessee Dam, CO
    • Guanella Dam, CO
    • Bowles Reservoir #1, CO
    • Nada Dam, WA
    • Visitor Center Dam, IL

    Spillways and Outlet Works
    • Julesburg Dam and Reservoir, CO
    • Robinson Dam, CO
    • Trout Lake Dam, CO
    • Prewitt Dam, CO
    • North Sterling Reservoir, CO
    • Lower Pine Lake Dam, WA

    Hazard Classifications
    • Grama Dam, OK
    • Chalk Mountain Dam, CO
    • Spring Run Reservoir, CO
    • Visitor Center Dam, IL
    • Lower Pine Lake Dam, WA

    Inflow Design Flood Hydrology
    • Platte Canyon Dam, CO
    • Keeton Dam, CO
    • Dorris Dam, CA
    • Upper Paranaghat Dam, NV

    Dam Safety Evaluations
    • Taylor Draw Dam, CO
    • Lake Ilo Dam, ND
    • Cash Lake Dam, MD
    • Orangeburg Substation Dam, SC

    Dam Breach Inundation Mapping
    • Dillon Dam, CO
    • Robinson Dam, CO
    • Ritschard Dam, CO
    • Upper Paranaghat Dam, NV
    • Comanche Dam, OK

    Dam Safety Training
    • ASDSO
    • NRCS
    • FM Global

    Risk Assessments
    • Umbarger Dam, TX
    • Cabin Creek Project, CO