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Water is the life-blood of our nation and its valuable natural resources. At W. W. Wheeler & Associates, Inc., our professional practice is PRIMARILY focused on the water systems that are needed to sustain our nation’s human and wildlife populations and natural resources.  As stewards of this precious resource, responsible use and conservation of our limited water supply is a tremendous challenge.  Talented staff members utilize their education, experience, creative energy, and state-of-the-art analysis tools to help our clients develop innovative, sustainable, cost-effective solutions to their unique water resources challenges.

W. W. Wheeler & Associates, Inc. is a small business specializing in professional engineering and project management to help our clients meet today’s water resources challenges. A full spectrum of engineering and project management services is provided to support our client’s projects from the planning and feasibility phases, through analysis and design, and on to construction administration and operation.  Established by W. W. (Pete) Wheeler in 1955, we have been intentional about remaining a small, specialty niche business that allows us to focus on responsive professional services for our clients.  Our business model allows us to attract and retain a dynamic, highly educated, and experienced staff that utilizes state-of-the-art analysis tools to help meet our clients' specific water resource needs.
States where W. W. Wheeler & Associates, Inc. has completed projects
W. W. Wheeler & Associates, Inc. is located in Englewood, Colorado.  From this centrally located office, we have served hundreds of clients and completed assignments in 35 different states.  We value engineering excellence, integrity, and client responsiveness, as well as the health and wellness of our employees, their families, and our clients.


W. W. Wheeler & Associates, Inc. is a water resources and geotechnical engineering firm that values long-standing relationships with our clients, professional colleagues, and employees. We maintain a stable, dedicated staff that allows us to provide excellent, responsive, and innovative professional services needed by our clients to solve their unique water resources challenges. Providing a fair and friendly work environment allows our employees to have a healthy work/life balance that nurtures professional and personal growth.


Key Staff Members

  • Bret Swigle, P.E.
  • Matthew Loose, P.E.
  • Paul Perri, P.E.
  • John Treacy, P.E.
  • Trevor Mugele, P.E.
  • Christine Mugele, P.E.
  • Andrea Fasen, P.E.
  • Sean Moran, P.E.
  • Y.K. Choi, Ph.D.
  • Todd Lewis, P.E.
  • Ryan Logan, P.E.
  • John Cox, P.E.
  • Jesse Reigle, P.E.
  • Scott Albiani
  • Greg Demmin
  • Amin Ghorbanpour, Ph.D., P.E.
  • Maureen Jacoby
  • Amy Jackson, EI
  • Charles Nelson, EI
  • Zane White, EI
  • Rosie Bartolotta
  • Tom Haines
  • Nic Gidley, EI


Seeking Water Resource Engineers and Geotechnical Engineers at all levels of experience! Please submit your resume and cover letter to

W. W. Wheeler & Associates, Inc. (Wheeler) is a well-respected water resources and geotechnical engineering consulting firm near Denver, Colorado. We offer a friendly, comfortable office environment close to many lunch options and shopping, and with easy commutes from most of the metro Denver area. Wheeler offers competitive salaries, good benefits, flexible hours, hybrid work options, and professional growth opportunities such as industry conferences and seminars. Many of our projects include a satisfying mix of office tasks and field work, including potential local, State, and national travel opportunities. Most of our work is within Colorado, but we also work on dam safety projects nationwide.

We have a staff of almost 30 people, most of whom are registered Professional Engineers with master's degrees in civil, hydrologic, and geotechnical engineering. People tend to stick with Wheeler; we have many employees who have been with Wheeler for decades. Our engineers typically work on multiple projects concurrently, which means an interesting, ever-changing variety of tasks and challenges. Our client base includes cities, towns, water districts, power providers, agricultural and mining companies, and federal entities such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Each project typically includes significant internal collaboration as well as regular interactions with clients, regulators, and professional peers.

If you are a skilled engineer who appreciates strong communication, good science, interesting challenges, and an ever-changing menu of water resources projects, let's talk.

Notable Projects and Awards

2017 - Build South Dakota Award for Spearfish Woodstave Penstock Replacement

2015 and 2010 - One of three firms awarded a National IDIQ Dam Safety Contract for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Dams

2012 - Ziegler Reservoir Enlargement Featured in a PBS Nova Special

2012 - Ziegler Reservoir Enlargement Featured in a National Geographic Magazine

2005 - Guanella Dam, Award of Excellence in the Constructed Project

2005 - Guanella Dam, American Public Works Association National Environmental Project of the Year, $2-$10 million

2005 - Guanella Dam, National American Consulting Engineers Council Engineering Excellence Award

2003 - Jackson Lake Dam, Colorado American Consulting Engineers Council Award of Merit

1997 - Golden City Council Water Resources Engineer Extraordinaire Award

1984 - Eagle Park Reservoir, Colorado American Consulting Engineers Council Engineering Excellence Award

Remembering Pete Wheeler

William W. "Pete" Wheeler left behind a legacy of engineering excellence from a 50-year William Wheelercareer that spanned all aspects of water resource engineering throughout Colorado. He received his degree in Civil and Irrigation Engineering from Colorado State University in 1934 and went on to a diverse career from water commissioner, to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to consulting engineer with R. J. Tipton & Associates, to the founding of W. W. Wheeler & Associates in 1955. Pete was a pioneer in the development of many of the engineering concepts that today form the basis for preventing injury to other water users, including the theory of balancing depletions, quantifying agricultural and municipal consumptive use, and the concepts that are now used as the basis for plans for augmentation.