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Geotechnical engineering is offered by W. W. Wheeler & Associates

W. W. Wheeler & Associates offers a full range of geotechnical engineering services to support our dams and water conveyance systems practices and provides additional services for the design of lined reservoir and impoundments, and the design of retaining wall systems. Our geotechnical practice leader, Greg Monley, P.E., has 31 years of geotechnical and geologic experience, and worked continuously as a consultant to W. W. Wheeler for 18 years prior to joining the firm in 2017. Geotechnical services include: foundation investigations for dams, water conveyance pipelines and infrastructure; seepage and slope stability evaluations; geologic hazard assessments; analysis and design for landslide stabilization and rockfall mitigation; design of soil-bentonite cutoff walls, clay cutoff walls, full-reservoir geomembrane liner systems, and composite clay/geomembrane liner systems for lined reservoir and impoundments; and design of wall systems including soil nail, rock anchor, and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE)walls and reinforced soil slopes.


  • Geotechnical Analysis/Design for Dams
  • Foundation Investigations
  • Geologic Hazard Evaluations
  • Lined Reservoirs and Impoundments Design
  • Seepage Cutoff Walls and Grouting
  • Landslide Stabilization & Rockfall Mitigation
  • MSE, Soil Nail and Rock Anchor Design


Representative Projects

    Foundation Investigations
    • Tacoma Flowline Replacement, CO
    • Ames Penstock Replacement, CO
    • Salida Penstock, CO
    • Vault Replacement, Lakewood, CO

    Geologic Hazards Assessment, Supporting Analysis,
    and Design for Dams
    • Goose Pasture Tarn Dam, CO
    • Clear Lake Dam Replacement, CO
    • Willow Creek Dam near Steamboat Springs, CO
    • Trout Lake Dam, CO
    • East Bergen Dam, Jefferson County, CO
    • Stagecoach Spillway (Electra Lake), CO
    • Bowles Dam, Lakewood, CO
    • North Sterling Dam, CO
    • Prewitt Dam, near Merino, CO
    • McClellan Dam, Arapahoe County, CO
    • NW Dam, Cherokee Power Plant, CO
    • Lower & Upper Cabin Creek Dams, CO
    • North Michigan Creek Dam Seepage Sources

    Landslide Stabilization
    and Rockfall Mitigation
    • Cabin Creek Landslide Stabilization, CO
    • Roberts Tunnel Rockfall Mitigation, East Portal, near Grant, CO
    • Clear Lake Dam Rockfall Stabilization, CO

    Instrumentation and Monitoring
    • Goose Pasture Tarn Dam, CO
    • Cabin Creek Landslide, CO
    • Shoshone Dam, Glenwood Canyon, CO
    • Terminal Dam, CO